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Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

To report a security vulnerability, please refer to Kraken's Bug Bounty Program .

How to write a bug report

You will get better results if you file a proper bug report, consisting of:

  1. Step by step instructions to reproduce the problem
  2. What you expect to happen
  3. What happens instead

The more details you can provide, the better.

Example of a proper bug report

The Poloniex trading UI doesn't properly sync after closing a position.

To reproduce:

  1. Open any Polo page (I am trading ETHBTC)
  2. Open a margin position
  3. Note that the balance has changed (good)
  4. After a few minutes, close the position using the "Close Position" button
  5. Wait for "Sync" to finish spinning

After the spinner finishes syncing, the balance is the same as it was in step 3. It should be updated because the position was closed. Sometimes manually clicking Sync again will finally update the balance.

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