Cryptocurrency Market Data API

Stream prices, trades, orderbooks, and more in real time for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 500+ other assets

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cw = new APIClient(
'pairs:9:trades', // BTC/USD markets'pairs:231:trades', // BTC/USDT markets

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Start streaming data today from every major crypto exchange using our single cryptocurrency API and flexible libraries.

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We've spent years maturing our data pipeline to 26 exchanges so you don't have to build one yourself.

Stream Everything

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Stream trades, full order books, OHLC, 24 hour summaries, and more in real-time for over 500+ coins across 26 exchanges.

Fast and Reliable

99.99% uptime, 200ms latency

After 5 years of powering the crypto ecosystem, we've perfected a high-availability, low-latency system that you can rely on.

Potential Uses

to start streaming today

Don't need speed? Try our Rest API

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