Cryptowatch Custom Theming

Create your own custom color themes for Cryptowatch in addition to the 13 preset themes already provided. Up to 10 custom themes can be saved if you have a Basic or Pro plan.

How do I create a custom theme?

Click the cog wheel in the upper right to open the Theme Settings menu. From there, choose your color options for 7 of the primary functions of the site (like up and down candles). Just click the color box to bring up a color wheel where you can enter a hex code and pick complementary colors.

The rest of the colors you see in your new custom theme will be generated based on those 7, like indicator lines. Selecting hollow or filled candles is accomplished by clicking on the corresponding candle icon in the theme selector.

When you click a color box, you’ll get a color wheel like this, where you can select colors then Apply them, Reset to the color that was set when you opened the wheel, or cancel altogether.

How do I edit and name a custom theme?

Click the pencil icon, to the right of the theme name, to edit your custom theme name. If the beginning theme is a preset theme, a new theme is created. If the beginning theme is a custom theme, this action will rename the existing custom theme. Theme names can be up to 25 characters in length.

Click the color boxes while a custom theme is selected to edit the colors of that custom theme.

How do I delete a custom theme?

Custom themes can be deleted by first selecting the theme you want to delete, then clicking the Delete button in the lower right corner. Preset themes cannot be edited or deleted.