Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a fast way to navigate and take actions in Cryptowatch.

Where can I find it?

Check the bottom right of every page under this icon. Ctrl + Enter will open it. For Mac, it's Cmd + Enter.

CLI Toggle

How do I use it?

Type a command and hit Enter. The commands currently available are go, ls, clear and help.

  • go <resource> will let you navigate between Cryptowatch pages.
    • Example: go assets will bring you to the Cryptowatch Assets page.
  • ls <resource> will provide a requested list.
    • Example: ls assets will return a list of all available assets on Cryptowatch.
  • Modifiers <exchange> <pair> <interval> can be used with the go charts command to build a specific chart.
    • Example: go charts kraken ethusd 1d returns a daily chart of ETHUSD on Kraken.

The Tab key can also be used for autocomplete suggestions.

help is available as both a command to see what you can do in the Terminal, and as a flag --help, -h to learn more about a specific command - i.e. ls -h will give you information on what you can do with the ls command.

Full Command Dictionary

gog--help, -hnavigate to a viewgo <view>
go assets <asset>
go exchanges <exchange>
go charts <exchange> <instrument> <?interval>
ls--help, -hlist resourcesls assets
ls exchanges
ls indices
ls intervals
ls <exchange> instruments
ls views
clearclear terminalclear
helpoutput usage informationhelp
--help, -houtputs usage information for particular command