Cryptowatch Chat

Chat is here to connect you with other traders in the community to share trading ideas or just whatever is on your mind. If your plan includes Chat, you’ll see the icon next to the new Command Line Interface (CLI) icon.

Chat Toggle

How do I join the chat?

To join, you’ll need to be in the Basic or Pro plan. If you're on Basic, you will get access to chat after your free trial is over (this is an anti-spam measure).

Open the chat box and choose a username - but choose carefully, because we’re not letting you change it. Then you know what to do - chat away.

What can I do with chat?

Share your market opinions, life thoughts and rekt positions. As long as you keep your chats civil, we’ll let you keep opining to the Cryptowatch community. We’re counting on you to help us make this a thriving place to hang out. Drop some emojis, get help with the slash command /help, and shoot the shit(coins).

Ctrl + ' will open/close chat. On Mac, it's Cmd + '.

What’s not allowed?

We trust you, but our developers made us put a few rules in here anyway:

  • Messages can be up to 300 characters in length. Character countdown is shown on the right in the message box.
    • We don’t need every last sat of your position, size lords.
  • Messages will be throttled to 1 per second per user.
    • So just cool it, we all know it’s big news when your 100x long doesn’t get decimated in the first 3 seconds.
  • You can’t change your username.
    • Take a minute before you make yourself forever known in the annals of trading history as DungBeetleH4x0r.
  • Bad behavior will result in bans.
    • No personal attacks, obviously banned racial epitaphs, or harassment. Just... don’t be an asshole. Moderators can be spotted by the ‘M’ before their name.