Feb 4, 2020P&L, % to Market Price

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On to this week's release:

How Close are your Orders to Filling?

We’re upgrading our Portfolio to give you a quick and comprehensive overview of your holdings and positions across exchanges. That’s why we added a % to Market column in Portfolio showing how close your order price is to the market price. Sort all your orders on this column to see your most pressing orders in real time. You need a Cryptowatch Basic account to see orders in Portfolio - 2 week trial is free.

Sort by how close your orders are to the market price

What's your Profit and Loss, Across All Positions?

In the vein of Portfolio upgrades, you can now see how all your positions across exchanges are doing in real-time. Time your trip to the Lambo dealership just right with this one.

Live P&L in your portfolio

Monitor the Crypto Markets with Python

We’ve added a Python SDK to our real-time streaming Websocket API. We know the popularity of Python and chose to release this next in response to the requests from the community. Here's the example code on our Github (linked above) printing out big movers on Kraken.

Big movers on Kraken via Cryptowatch API
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