Jan 14, 2020New Tools and Cancel All

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On to this week's release:

New Tool: Awesome Oscillator

The Awesome Oscillator is a momentum indicator from trader Bill Williams that uses 34 bar and 5 bar moving averages of mean candle prices to indicate when a market may be turning.

For more information on the Awesome Oscillator’s formations, see our blog post.

Using the Awesome Oscillator

New Tool: Vertical Cycle Drawing Tool

To complement our recently released Time Cycles tool, you can now visualize time cycles as vertical dashed lines on your charts. Just select the Cycles category of drawing tools, then Vertical.

Using the Vertical Time Cycle tool

Cancel All Open Orders

If you have a number of orders in place across exchanges and things are getting wild, you can cancel all of them with a single click from the Orders tab of Portfolio.

Cancelling all orders with one click

New Drawing Toolbar

We’ve consolidated drawing tools in to categories, and added more descriptive labels to make it easier to find and experiment with new tools. We also added the hotkey in parentheses next to each drawing tool so you can speed up your selecting.

Drawing tools are now consolidated, with names and hotkeysYou can now use your arrow keys and Enter to navigate through and select emojis in chat.

Navigating emojis with just the keyboard
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