Nov 19, 2019Time Cycles, Emojis

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On to this week's release:

Time Cycles Drawing Tool

The new Time Cycles drawing tool, which is highlighted in the drawing tools bar, allows you to easily perform time cycle analysis on any Cryptowatch chart. Just draw out one period using the tool, and you’ll see that period repeated ad infinitum in the future and past, aiding analysis of whether cycles are repeating.

New Emojis in Trollbox

We put some new emojis in the trollbox that are more trading and crypto themed than the standard set. Check them out under the Kraken logo.

24 Hour Percent Change in Watchlist

The watchlist now includes 24 hour % change figures for each market, giving a quick glance at the movement of your favorite coins.

Cryptowatch Blog Posts on the Homepage

We added blog entries to the homepage next to the news section - check it out.
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