Nov 5, 2019Updates to Portfolio, Trollbox, and Zapier

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On to this week's release:

All Open Orders in Portfolio

Basic and Pro clients can now keep an eye on their open orders across all connected exchanges within their portfolios on the new Orders tab, with information like fill percentage at a glance. Click on any row to go to the chart and modify that order.

Faster Price Updates in Asset Lists

Our Assets lists on the homepage and Assets page now stream VWAP prices in real-time from our Websocket API. You’ll notice they update a lot faster and flash when updating - here’s a comparison of the new site to the old one (both are sped up 5x for dramatic effect).

New Automation Feature: Zapier Price and Volume Triggers

Since the launch of our Zapier integration, we have supported submitting trades through Zapier using any of Zapier’s 1,500+ triggers.

Today, we release the ability to trigger actions in Zapier using price and volume data from Cryptowatch. With this new ability, you can implement automation strategies and custom alerts using the integration - for example, you can send yourself an email when Bitcoin breaks its previous all time high, or save a line item to a Google Sheet every time volume exceeds a certain level in a day. You can even submit a trade when price hits a certain level, allowing you to stay out of the order book until the last possible moment. Learn more by connecting Zapier and Cryptowatch.

Trollbox Pop out

We’ve now made it easier to keep tabs on the Trollbox without covering key data on your screen with the new pop-out button. Just click the new square+arrow icon in the top bar of the expanded Trollbox to pop out the chat. To pop chat back in to your Cryptowatch window, just close the popped out chat or click the chat icon at the bottom of any open Cryptowatch window.

New API Documentation Site

We launched a new developer center hosting our REST and Websocket API documentation at It's easier to navigate and read than the previous documentation, and you can suggest edits to the docs.

Language Selector and Ukrainian

We added a sitewide language selector in the Settings menu (the cog wheel in the upper right). We also added Ukrainian translation.

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