Oct 22, 2019Past Trades, Annotation, Totle

What can you do with a Cryptowatch account? Trade right on your price charts across 8 top exchanges with powerful features to make trading easier, never miss a price movement with SMS alerts, and view your portfolio and past trades aggregated across 12 exchanges - sign up here for a 14 day free trial.

On to this week's release:

Your Past Trades in Portfolio

For Basic and Pro clients, we now show your past trades across all connected exchanges in a table on the Portfolio page. You can filter by exchange, asset, and quote, as well as sort by any of the columns in the table.

There’s a maximum of 200 trades shown in the table. Binance trades are not shown due to rate limiting on their API - the past trade data wouldn’t be reliable as a result, so we’re excluding them (for now).

Annotation Tool

You can now put text on your charts with the annotation tool. Click the A at the top of the drawing tools tray on the right side of any chart to get started. You can change the font size and style, resize the box, and toggle the anchor style so your annotation follows the candles or your screen. Drag the annotation to move it around. Hit the X to delete an annotation.

Totle Integration

The Totle site aggregates decentralized exchange market data and offers order routing to them. We've now integrated their data feed quickly and show their trades - all being matched using smart contracts on decentralized exchanges. Here's an example market for DAI/ETH. For more details, read the press release.
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