Oct 8, 2019Parallel Lines and Watchlist

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On to this week's release:

Parallel Lines Tool

In addition to the Measure tool we added last week, we launched a Parallel Lines tool to help you chart channels. We built this tool to flex with your charts, no matter your y-axis settings or manipulations you make to the lines. Try it out - 100,000 sats offered if you can make the lines cross.

If you set the lines straight with a linear y-axis, they will curve when you switch to Logarithmic, and vice versa. Unlike drawing tools of many other charting software, these lines are always parallel with respect to the way you initially drew them.

You can find the tool icon at the bottom of the drawing tools menu on the right side of your chart, just above the Measure tool. The icon is two parallel lines at a slant.

Global Header Watchlist

We added a new universal watchlist across the site. Add assets by starring markets in the markets switcher on the chart, the asset page, and the markets page.

To remove items from the watchlist, head the the Markets page and click the star icon on the header row to sort by markets in your watchlist. Just unstar these markets to remove them.

Bollinger Band %B Indicator

To build on the importance of channels in analyzing market movements, we added a new indicator for your charts called Bollinger Bands %B. This indicator tracks the distance between the current price and the lower Bollinger Band in % terms.

When this indicator is above 100, the current price is above the upper band. When it’s below 0, the price is below the lower band. Everything in between means the price is within the channel defined by the Bollinger Bands. Learn more about the tool with the Info tab when selecting it in the Analysis menu.

Real-Time VWAP Updates

The VWAP prices on our asset cards and asset pages (like for BTC) now update in real-time as trades come in, instead of once every 30 seconds.

Here's the BTC asset page updating at the old speed and the new speed (both sped up 10x):
Old SpeedNew Speed

Satoshis in Portfolio

If you enjoy stacking sats, check out the currency switcher in your portfolio - we added SAT, which now trumps KRW in showing the largest number for your total wealth. Enjoy.

Bug Fix: Duplicate Watchlist Items

Some of you noticed our watchlist was adding duplicate items spuriously. We squashed this bug in today’s release.
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