Sep 24, 2019Measurement Tool

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On to this week's release:

Measurement Tool

We added one of the most requested features from our visitors to the charting interface: a measurement tool. The tool gives you a quick read on the magnitude of moves in price and in your favorite indicators below the chart. The tool is highlighted on your charts page, and we wrote up a blog post on building it.

The tool icon looks like this:

New REST API Allowances

We’ve now expanded the REST API allowances for paying clients to 16 CPU seconds per hour for Basic and 128 CPU seconds per hour for Pro, up from 8 CPU seconds per hour. For more detail on how our CPU seconds per hour rate limiting works, see the API documentation.

We also lowered the free allowance of CPU seconds per hour from 8 to 4. We'll publish a blog post soon explaining why we made the change.When you search in the Omnibar (address bar) of Chrome within Cryptowatch by typing, hitting tab, then entering a query, the first result to your query will load. Here's an example, where we searched for doge. The first result is the doge asset page, so it loads immediately.

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