Jul 2, 2019New Plans, Zapier, Chat, and More

What can you do with a Cryptowatch account? Trade right on your price charts across 7 top exchanges with nifty features to make trading easier, never miss a price movement with SMS alerts, and view your portfolio aggregated across 12 exchanges - sign up here if you haven't already. Featuring three simple plans: Free, Basic, and Pro.

Read about this release on our new blog. UPDATE: our blog is now at blog.cryptowat.ch

We have a huge release for you this week - here's what shipped:

New Pro and Basic Plans

To provide more tools for programmatic traders, we've launched a Pro plan that unlocks our Websocket API and Zapier trading integration. Read on below for more information on both of these releases, as well as all the other things we added to our Basic plan, formerly known as Premium. The Free plan, formerly known as Basic, gives access to Portfolio and starts after a trial of Basic.

All our new plans

Zapier Integration

Set up a Zapier action to place a buy or sell order based on any of Zapier’s 1,500+ triggers - allowing you to dollar-cost average in to 400+ cryptos, place buy or sell orders based on tweets or emails, and much more. The Zapier integration is available at Cryptowatch Pro. Documentation here.

Zapier docs


Chat with your fellow traders about whatever you'd like. Only available to users in paid Cryptowatch plans, Chat is a spam-free place for you to share ideas and positions. All we ask is that you keep it civil. Chat is available at Cryptowatch Basic and Pro. Documentation here. The Chat icon will show up in the bottom right of the screen when you're a paying Basic or Pro customer (it won't show during a trial).

Chat aka Trollbox

Google Sheets integration via Cryptofinance.ai

Cryptowatch partnered with Cryptofinance.ai to provide real-time market data on thousands of markets right in Google Sheets. This data can be used to power custom indicators, dashboards of top coins, configurable portfolio tools, and more. At Cryptowatch Basic, you unlock Cryptofinance’s Data Availability Service ($10/month value). At Cryptowatch Pro, you unlock Cryptofinance’s Historical Data plan ($39/month value). Documentation here.

Cryptofinance for Google Sheets

WebSocket API

Our WebSocket API provides a single, speedy connection point to 26 major crypto exchanges. We’re doing all the maintenance to keep exchange connections online so you can focus on building your app or algorithm. Market data streaming is supported now, and trading over WebSocket is in the works. The WebSocket API is available at Cryptowatch Pro. Documentation here.

Custom Themes

Click the gear wheel in the upper right hand of any page on Cryptowatch to tweak 7 different colors in the theme. Make your own and share it with the community on Twitter or Reddit. Custom themes are available at Cryptowatch Basic and Pro. Documentation here.

Custom Theming

Command Line Interface (CLI)

With CLI, you can navigate to any page using a simple command like “g assets btc”. Try typing a command in the CLI box on the bottom right of any page. “help” is your friend. CLI is available to everyone. Documentation here.

Custom Theming

Cryptowatch Blog

UPDATE: our blog is now at blog.cryptowat.ch

Last but not least, we've launched a Medium blog to provide tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our platform. Check it out at https://medium.com/cryptowatch-blog

Custom Theming

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