Jun 4, 2019Old Homepage & Status

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On to this week's releases:

Our Old Homepage

We recognize many of you love the "card" layout we had on our old homepage, with its enchanting sparklines and quick links to markets. When we released our new homepage with additional asset info and details on Cryptowatch's different tools, we wanted to make sure you were still able to view the cards. However, we realize they weren't the easiest to find.

So, we've made it easier to get to the cards. On the homepage, you'll see a new View Asset Cards button below the list of assets. On the Assets page, we put a toggle between the List view and the Card view front and center at the top. And when you make a selection on that toggle, it will stick to your settings so the next time you click Assets in the top navigation, you'll get the same page.

Connection and Site Status

To ensure you're seeing accurate and real-time data when looking at a chart, we've added a link to our Status page on the right side of the footer of the chart page, next to the Twitter and Reddit links. The dot next to this link will change color if there's an issue anywhere on the site - green means all systems operational, yellow if there are open incidents, and red if there are critical open incidents. On the Status page, you can see which exchanges and connection types are affected.

You can also subscribe to get incident updates via email, SMS text, or RSS on the Status page.

Coming Soon

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions - keep them coming. Stay on the lookout for a few major releases in the coming months... we've been busy.

Try streaming market data from 26 exchanges with Cryptowatch WebSockets API - just email your username to api@cryptowat.ch to get started.

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