May 21, 2019A New Home + Explore Assets

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On to this week's releases:

A New Homepage

This new home gives you all the market's highlights, with a lot more. The asset table is your glance across the crypto market, with new information like market cap and aggregated liquidity on the bid and ask sides. We know many of you use Cryptowatch just to keep tabs on prices - but it's capable of a lot more. Check out the rest of the homepage to see what it's capable of doing for you.

If you want the old homepage back, we feel you. It's still there. To find it, click "Assets" in the top bar, then click the button with 4 squares that pops up next to the gear wheel on the right. Voilá. Or, you can just click here.

Gimme my old homepage back!

The old Cryptowatch homepage

New Ways to Explore Assets and Exchanges

Cryptowatch now provides a sortable list of assets at the new Assets item on the top bar - looking for the assets with the most pressure on the bid side? The greatest change over 1 month? The most sellers? Just click any header to sort. Pro tip: Hover and hold your cursor over "Liq Bid" and "Liq Ask" to see definitions.

You'll notice a new item at the top of the site for Exchanges - here you'll be able to track the volume dominance of all the exchanges Cryptowatch connects to, and click through to see all the markets you can chart and trade on each of these exchanges.

* Please note: Volumes for futures will be temporarily excluded from rankings while we make adjustments to accommodate their higher volumes.

Try streaming market data from 25 exchanges with Cryptowatch WebSockets API - just email your username to to get started.

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