Apr 23, 2019Tools Menu and Asset Search

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On to this week's releases:

New Analysis Tools Menu

As new indicators and overlays for charts are constantly created, we want to ensure Cryptowatch helps you access these new perspectives on the market. Today, we’re excited to debut a new Analysis Tools menu on our charts to help you select, configure, and learn about all the tools on our platform. All the Indicators and Overlays you know and love have now moved to this one menu, between the candle settings and the pencil icon.

Analysis Tools Menu - replacing the Indicators and Overlays menus

We heard you wanted more customization of your charts, so from within the Analysis Tools menu you can now:
  1. Alter the style of each tool - like the colors of the lines for Bollinger Bands
  2. Change the price input of a tool - like creating an EMA with the High prices of each candle instead of Close
Finding tools will now be easier as the list grows: search from the top of the menu, ‘favorite’ any tool with the star, and filter the list by Type or Category (like Momentum and Volatility) from within the Filters menu next to the search bar.

Finally, tools are useless if misunderstood - so we’ve included a description of each tool, a visual example, and the corresponding calculation under the Info tab that reveals itself when a tool is selected in the menu.

Change can be daunting, we know - but we think you'll find this new menu not only easier to use, but more helpful for discovering new perspectives on the market. Play around with it and let us know what you think.

Asset Search and Watchlist

When you go to an asset page like Bitcoin's, you'll now see a dropdown of all the assets in the platform. Search, save, and learn more about all the coins and cryptos at your disposal.

The dropdown looks like this... The dropdown menu is subtle...

And expands in to this!
But it tucks away access to many assets!

Available Funds Everywhere

The available funds indicator you know from Portfolio is now visible in the trading panel to give you a better idea of the balances at your disposal while trading any market. Available funds are now shown in the trading panel with this little pill!

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