Mar 8, 2019Portfolio Upgrades and Speed

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Portfolio Upgrades: Balances and Dust

We've done the backend work to enable total balances to show in Portfolio, meaning open orders won't affect your Portfolio balance!

We also wanted to let you know that we hide dust automatically, and currently define it as any holding which is less than .01 of your quote currency. Please let us know your thoughts on how you view and handle dust for your own portfolio as we will look to provide additional ways to handle that in the future.

Indices on Cryptowatch

We now publish indices created by CryptoFacilities on our site. Indices are fairly new to the crypto industry, but a cornerstone of financial systems and a bit step in legitimizing crypto as an asset class. Since our indices tracking is new, you may not see much historical data for a few of the pairs. Stay tuned for more interactivity with these indices and features around them in the future. When the whole world has a stake in a Bitcoin index, you can say you saw it here first.

Fixed: Snappier Price Updates

Our team and several users noticed that the last price on the chart, the last price in the orderbook, and the trades flowing in on the past trades section were updating at slightly different rates. We brought them all in sync, so you'll see everything flash together in real time as trades come in for all our markets.

Happy trading!

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