Jan 22, 2019Portfolio, New Exchanges, and Free Accounts!

Now Live: Automatically Track Balances with Portfolio View

Stay on top of your holdings in real time across 12 exchanges.

No market has ever moved as fast as crypto - meaning unified tools to sense and respond to market changes are paramount for anyone trading or investing in this space. With automatic tracking of balances across 12 exchanges, Cryptowatch Portfolio is one of the most powerful tools for any crypto trader or investor to understand their stance in the market today. The full list of exchanges supported in Portfolio: Bitfinex, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Binance, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex, BitMEX, CryptoFacilities, Huobi, HitBTC, and OKEx. Portfolio is also fully functional on mobile, for on-the-go monitoring of your balances.

For now, Portfolio only shows available balances - for more information, please read the note below.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on Portfolio via email or on Reddit or Twitter. We will always appreciate those of you who share your thoughts on what works and doesn't work for you. If you're not already using Cryptowat.ch to monitor the market, sign up for a free account here.

Please Note:
  • Accounts for connected exchanges as well as assets will only show in Portfolio if they have an available balance greater than $0. This means open orders may affect balances shown for some exchanges. If a balance is appearing small or not at all on your Portfolio, check your open orders for offsetting positions. We are working on standardizing exchanges so we can display Total and Available balances for future version of Portfolio.
    • For example: if you have 1.5 BTC on an exchange but have a stop order to sell all 1.5 BTC, your available balance of BTC would be 0, so BTC may not show in Portfolio under that exchange.
  • The total balances and quotes are in USD for now - we are working to add support for more currencies here.

Support for Balance-Only Keys

As mentioned above, Cryptowatch is excited to announce support to view holdings on 5 additional exchanges starting today. The new exchanges supported are: Bitmex, CryptoFacilities, Huobi, HitBTC, and OKEx. The API keys page in the account section now has two sections, one for supported Trading Exchanges and one for Balance only integrations. Input any of your keys for the 5 new exchanges to see those balances in Portfolio.

Free Cryptowatch Account Now Available

With this release, free accounts are enabled within Cryptowatch. This means anyone who signs up for Cryptowatch or has signed up for an account in the past will have access to additional features beyond what web visitors can use - most importantly, Portfolio. If you choose to upgrade to Premium, you'll have access to SMS alerting and trading across our supported exchanges. If you previously had a free trial with us, log in again to check out Portfolio and connect your exchanges on the API keys settings page.

Bit-Z Exchange Added

The Bit-Z exchange has been added to Cryptowatch for live price, order book, and charting of over 60 assets that trade on their platform. See Bit-Z markets here.

Trade.Kraken.com Market Page

Market Page has been added to the interface at Trade.Kraken.com. Accessible at the below link, this page will allow you to filter assets on Trade.Kraken by asset and quote. Filtered pages can also be directly accessed or bookmarked using the below URL format:
Filtered by Quote: https://trade.kraken.com/quotes/btc
Filtered by Asset: https://trade.kraken.com/assets/eth

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