Jan 10, 2019Additional Language Support and Search

Additional Language Support

This release includes new language support for German (Deutsch), Mandarin Chinese (中文), Spanish (español), Greek (ελληνικά), and Danish (dansk)! Your language will be automatically set by your browser's language support preference, but you can change it to another language by navigating to any chart page and choosing a new language in the language selector down in the footer. What you select will be saved for future visits.

Cryptowatch now supports 7 languages, including the five above plus English and Japanese (日本語), which is under a separate domain (cryptowatch.jp). We will continue to add languages in the near future, so please share suggestions on Reddit or Twitter so our team can hear from you.Start typing "cryptowat.ch" until you see cryptowat.ch suggested in the address bar, then hit Tab. You'll see Search Cryptowatch - type an exchange, asset, or other query to search directly within Cryptowatch from the address bar.

VWAP and Volume Sorting Updates

The VWAP calculations and volume sorting are updated to exclude Bithumb volume.

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