Dec 20, 2018Announcing a Cryptowatch Holiday Contest!

Fellow traders, chartists, and revelers - it’s the holiday season again, the markets are in a giving mood, and the team at Cryptowatch wants to have a little fun. No matter what you believe about the plethora of coins, tokens, assets and whatnot out there, we can all express our views in one simple way: price predictions.

While price discussions usually spiral into an endless loop of syndicated Tim “See you at 250k” Draper quotes and Nouriel “Going to zero” shitposts, we want to put a prize on the line and see just how accurate you, the Cryptowatch community, can be.

We will give out a free year-long subscription to Cryptowatch and a limited edition Cryptowatch hoodie to the person who tweets the most accurate prediction for what the price of any coin pair on Cryptowatch will be on Monday at 5pm UTC --> See this tweet thread for how to enter! Update: entry in to the contest is now closed!

Thank you for your thoughts, comments, and concerns this year as we work to build the best trading platform for crypto. We know it’s not a linear journey, and we appreciate you coming along with us!

Thank you,
The Cryptowatch Team
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