Oct 30, 2018Happy Halloween!

It's an eerie world out there as shown by the Halloween themed chart you'll be greeted with on the 31st. Don't be scared, it will only be there for a day, and you can easily toggle it off from the Themes list under the Settings dropdown, accessible by clicking on the cogwheel above the chart.

Device and Browser Settings Persistence

When logged in, Cryptowatch will now carry the user's settings across devices and browsers. This means that if you update your settings on one device, they will carry across to any additional locations where you are logged in. This will be in effect for home page configuration, markets list filtering, watchlist, and more. Please note these persistence changes will only take effect if the user is logged into a Cryptowatch account. Non logged in users will continue to have their settings persisted, but will not be transferable across devices or browsers.

New Global Quote Currency Options

Two new global quote currencies have been added as options to the global settings menu (accessible through the cogwheel on most pages). KRW and USDT can now be selected as options whenever a global settings update is desired. Please also suggest additional quote currencies if your preferred option is not available.

Charting Updates

Overlay settings
Users are now able to set up Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Simple Moving Average (SMA) to show only one line each by emptying all but one of the settings boxes. Previously, the minimum lines shown for each overlay when checked 'On', was 3 for the EMA and 2 for the SMA.

Volume Moving Average
We've made a similar change to the Volume indicator, now allowing users to leave the MA box empty if no Volume Moving Average line is the preferred way to display volume.


New hosted changelog pages are live. Each page is now accessible through its own URL and be liked to by going to the specific changeling date as seen below:


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