Jun 18, 2019News and Fat Fingers

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On to this week's releases:

Crypto News and Intelligence with The Daily Hash

News events can be big movers in crypto, so we want our clients plugged in to the new cycle. At Kraken, we have an Intelligence team that compiles a regular report of the top news in crypto called The Daily Hash, and now Cryptowatch visitors and clients will have a sneak peek in to this content at the bottom of the Cryptowatch homepage. Check it out now.

Confirming Big Trades and Potential Slippage

If you try to submit a trade through Cryptowatch that will cause an average slippage* of more than 10%, we'll throw up a warning splash page - like the example below. This is to help avoid the "fat finger" trade error that can lead to submitting a massive order unintentionally. Additionally, if your order will cause an average slippage* of more than 3%, you'll get a warning on the trade confirmation page showing how much slippage your order will cause.

* What's average slippage? The percentage distance between your projected fill price and the market's best price.

Fat finger warning gif

IOT, BCH, Minimum Trades, and Translations

  1. We changed the symbol for IOTA from IOT to IOTA to align with the rest of the industry.
  2. We consolidated BAB, BCC, and BCH under the most prevalent BCH ticker.
  3. If you're getting caught with "minimum trade" or precision errors when submitting orders, you can now toggle off our auto-rounding in the trade panel to submit your orders exactly as you like.
  4. Finally, the site is now translated in to Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Italian, and French to further support visitors from around the world.

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