Kraken acquires Cryptowatch

I'm happy to announce that Cryptowatch has been acquired by Kraken (

I started working on Cryptowatch as a side project in January 2014. It quickly grew into a tool that thousands of traders now rely on. After two years of developing and maintaining it alone, I started to feel like the project had outgrown me. I looked to team up with a company that had more resources. The Kraken team, whom I had previously met, was my first choice.

As one of the most reliable and mature Bitcoin exchanges, Kraken takes security and compliance very seriously. They are also a profitable, self-sustaining business. I'm confident that they'll be a good long-term home for Cryptowatch.

Kraken will also benefit from this acquisition as we leverage Cryptowatch to improve the Kraken trading experience. I have joined their team and will continue developing Cryptowatch alongside them.

I'll never forget the early days I spent building this thing, and watching it grow up into what it is now. I look forward to the future even more.

Thanks for everything,

Artur Sapek


  1. How does this affect Cryptowatch users?

    Cryptowatch will remain free and neutral. The only difference one should expect as a user is perhaps faster development and more reliable service.

    Customers with a Cryptowatch subscription will continue to receive this service like normal.

  2. How does this affect Kraken users?

    All Kraken users now have free access to the Cryptowatch trading interface:

    Longer term, one can expect Kraken's trading interface and UX to continue improving as we invest in it.

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