About Cryptowatch

Cryptowatch gives you control over all your digital asset holdings from one place. Whether you are a financial institution, active trader, or just hodling a few coins, Cryptowatch has industry-leading tools to help you. Plus, it all works on web and mobile.

With a free Basic account, you can:

  • Monitor and analyze markets across 25 exchanges, representing 500+ assets
  • Receive alerts on price and volume for any market
  • Track your entire digital asset portfolio value as its calculated in real time across 12 exchanges
  • Understand new assets with Asset View on all of our 500+ assets
  • Customize your homepage, asset filters, chart configurations, and quote currency view across the site

With a Premium account for $15/month, you can:

  • Do everything available in the Basic account
  • Receive alerts on price and volume on your phone
  • Trade through our interface on 7 of the biggest digital asset exchanges in the industry: Kraken, Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, and Bittrex

To get started, simply follow the sign up steps here to create an account, connect your exchanges, and start trading: Sign up for Cryptowatch.

Originally founded by Artur Sapek in 2014, Cryptowatch is now owned by Kraken, a U.S.-based exchange with skin in the game of legitimizing the digital asset industry. Cryptowatch’s mission within Kraken is to serve active traders, regardless of the exchanges those traders prefer to transact on. As a result, we are building industry-leading analysis, trading, and asset management tools for the crypto industry as a whole.

We take a strong stance on user privacy and security:

  • Cryptowatch never touches your coins or funds - we only push orders to exchanges and pull data back from them.
  • We respect "Do Not Track" headers across our product and analytics tools.
  • We self-host all our analytics and user administration tools to ensure no 3rd party software provider is reselling your usage data or contact info.
  • All traffic to the site and WebSocket API streaming is encrypted.